Windows Spotlight Quiz – How to Access and Get Rewards

Windows Spotlight Quiz – A quiz feature given by Microsoft, the best computer development company in the world, has recently been the subject of discussion. The name of the feature given by Microsoft is Windows Spotlight Quiz. This is a special and perfect way to provide good education for individuals. So, friends, I’m going to tell you about Microsoft’s features in this article today. Windows Spotlight is an auto-rotate screen for locking images designed to improve your Windows 10 experience.

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What is Windows Spotlight Quiz

You know what the Windows Spotlight Quiz is about? Windows Spotlight Quiz is a Microsoft lock screen feature that enables users to view beautiful images of their default stock photos and take fun quizzes at random.

Windows Spotlight Quiz

Every day, the images shown will change, showing you incredible images that will certainly bring a sense of life to your view.

This functionality has been around in Windows for years. You can easily access the Windows Spotlight Quiz as long as you have a Windows computer with you.

How to Enable Windows Spotlight Quiz

It is not that difficult to enable the Windows Spotlight Quiz. See the instructions on how to activate this function below.

  1. Click the button for ‘Start’.
  2. Click the ‘Configuration’ tab that has a gear icon.
  3. Click ‘Personalization’ or you can look for it in Windows Settings directly.
  4. Pick ‘Screen Lock’.
  5. Along with other choices, select ‘Windows Spotlight’ from the menu.
  6. Then, Your Windows Spotlight is now activated.

How to Play Windows Spotlight Quiz

It’s really quick to play Windows Spotlight and it’s included in the Bing browser. In this feature, Surrey’s question is given somewhere, which you have to answer. You were told below how you could play it,

  1. You must visit through any browser.
  2. By typing “Windows Spotlight Quiz” you should search Bing.
  3. After this question will appear on your screen, the answer is to choose the answer.
  4. Along with asking questions, you are also given answers, it remains only to choose the correct answer.
  5. If your answer is proven correct, then it will tell you that you have given a right answer wrong.
  6. When you answer your question correctly, you will go to the score page, where your results will be shared.
  7. If you give a wrong answer then you have better luck next time.

From the Windows Spotlight quiz tab, there are some questions. Just hurry to visit the Windows Spotlight quiz page if you find this question interesting and want to play a quiz.

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