Find Quickly Windows Spotlight Images on PC

Today’s tutorial we’re going to show you how to locate the windows spotlight images on your PC, So chances are if you’ve used Windows 10 for more than 10 minutes you’re probably already familiar with all of those fancy different lockscreen pictures that are given by windows spotlight. So as you can see right here these are a couple of these spotlight images that, I have been given for today and I’m going to show you how to locate those on your PC. So that you can use them individually as desktop backgrounds or to do whatever you want with them so they are all stored locally on your PC. I’m going to show you how to find locate windows spotlight images.

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Windows spotlight images locations

Step 1: Copy codes on below and paste it on windows explorer or run command and click OK.

Windows Spotlight Images

Step 2: We’re given access to a folder that looks like this right here which as you can see is in that same weird directory, and we’re given a whole bunch of files that have all of these different numerical values right here. If we look closely we can see that they have no file extensions and believe it or not these are all of the windows spotlight pictures now there’s a couple of different data files right in here that won’t actually be image files and you can tell those apart because the image files are multiple hundreds of kilobytes in size. Whereas these data files or something along the lines of two kilobytes. So we’re going to want to ignore all of these smaller files and just copy the larger ones. So I’m gonna take all of them nope I take all of them and we’re going to copy them and then on the desktop for convenience.

Windows Spotlight images

Step 3: I’m going to create a new folder and we’re going to call it windows spotlights. we’ll just paste those files in there now these are all of the images.

Windows spotlight images

Step 4: However we is you notice if I clicked on them we still can’t open them up and that’s because we need to convert them to JPEGs now. We could individually click on the files and then rename them by adding a file extension .jpg at the end.

But I’m going to show you a quick and easy way where we batch convert all of these images to JPEG at the same time using the Windows command prompt.

How to Convert All Images to JPEG

Step 1: So the first thing we’re going to want to do is eaten that folder that we pasted all of these files to we’re going to grab the file path and copy it.

Windows spotlight images

Step 2: Going to go to the Start menu type in CMD and on the command prompt we’re going to right click it and run it as an administrator let’s click on yes that’ll bring up our command prompt window.

Step 3: In the administrator command prompt where it says see windows system32. I’m just gonna type in CD space and paste in our pathway.

Windows spotlight images

Step 4: We’re gonna run a specific command which is going to be ren *. *.jpeg now. Then click enter.

Windows spotlight images

Step 5: Then as you notice we get image thumbnails in our folder right here so as we open that up as you can see all of these images are now notable JPEG files.

Windows spotlight images

That we can copy or resize or set as desktop backgrounds or do whatever we want with them and that’s pretty much what you have to do that’s how to find your windows spotlight images on your computer they will still change every day. So if you find a new one that you really like and you want to save, you can just keep on using this technique in order to go back and find them. So I hope you found this useful and I hope this helped you.

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