How to Reset Firestick Remote 2021 (Step by Step)

If you’re using a Firestick remote, and it doesn’t work properly. Your Firestick remote will need to be reset. We will show you how to reset Firestick remote in this post.

The most popular streaming dongle in the world is the Amazon Firestick, and it comes with a smart remote. Much like other electronic devices, after a while, Firestick often runs into issues. A great excuse for a headache could be this single problem.

How to Reset Firestick Remote

Firestick resetting is not easy. There are several Firestick models available today, and for each remote version of Amazon Firestick, the reset method is different.

Reset Firestick Remote

Yeah, so just follow the steps below to reset the remote from the Firestick:

  1. In Firestick 4K, stay on your home screen and simultaneously click the Left + Menu + Back button for 10 seconds.
  2. You just need to wait 60 seconds after this and then remove the Firestick from the TV.
  3. Remove the battery from your remote after the stick has been removed and wait for 60 seconds.
  4. Now, just plug the Stick back in and boot your TV and insert the battery into the Remote as well.
  5. Only press and hold the Home button for 40 seconds until the Firestick 4k Home Screen appears.
  6. You just have to wait for 60 seconds for the process to end when all is finished. Try using the remote again after all is done to check whether it works or not.

Reset Firestick Remote Basic Edition

  1. Tap and hold the Home button simultaneously, and three times, press the Menu button.
  2. Release the Home button, and nine times, hit the Menu button.
  3. Then remove the battery from the remote and unplug the TV from the fire.
  4. Return the battery to your remote, then plug in the Fire TV.
  5. Press and hold the home button for 40 seconds when your home screen appears.

You can quickly reset your Amazon Basic Firestick Remote using the above abilities. Now, wait a total of 60 seconds until the setup is complete.

How to Reset Firestick Without Pin

It is common for many FireStick users to forget to pin, searching for a way to reset their FireStick without a pin. To reset a FireStick without a pin, there are two approaches open. Follow one of the methods below.

Reset using the Remote: Often this approach works. Simply press the right navigation button and the back button of the FireStick remote immediately for 10 seconds when requesting a pin. This will bypass the pin screen and allow your FireStick to reset.

Reset via the Amazon website: You can reset your pins and build new ones using this tool. Go to and reset the pins in addition to do this. You can quickly reset your FireStick after having created a new Pin.

Final Words

This is a complete guide to how to reset the Remote Firestick. It is not that hard, however, to reset the Firestick remote. But if you’re trying to reset your remote Firestick. In the comments section, write. Please share it with your friends if you find this article helpful.

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