How to Change Default Microphone Windows 10 (2021)

Change Default Microphone Windows 10 – One of your primary devices for providing sound input to your Windows PC is the default microphone. Depending on which gadget you choose to use for voice recording, you can adjust the microphone. I’m going to show you how to adjust and set the default microphone on Windows 10 in this guide. Users often plug several microphones in and measure which one is better.

As the default microphone for the PC / laptop you are using, there are many ways to set up your chosen microphone. One of them is from the device’s sound settings. Alternatively, from the control panel page, you can access the sound configuration. From microphones or devices with microphones connected to your PC, you can then choose.

Change default microphone Windows 10

Default microphone Windows 10

Windows 10 allows users to connect several hardware devices of the same kind, i.e., multiple webcams, multiple hard drives, multiple microphones, but when the application wants to use it, it will only switch to a single device.

This is anticipated because the option to choose the computer from which it is connected is not available for every application. Apps usually use the default device setting, and in Windows 10, you have to change the default device if you want to change the device.

Change default microphone Windows 10

If you have connected more than one microphone to your Windows 10 setup, you can adjust the default microphone set in Windows 10 by using the steps below.

  1. Connect the microphone that you want to use with Windows 10 as the default microphone.
  2. Open a controls panel.
  3. Open Sound and Hardware.
  4. Choose Sound.
  5. Open the Recording tab.
  6. Make sure that all device microphones are listed. If not, this indicates that it is not correctly configured.
  7. Right-click a microphone that is the default microphone you want to use.
  8. Select ‘Set as default device’. Windows 10 will now use this device for all non-call related applications for example, recording applications.
  9. Right-click the device again and then choose ‘Set as default communication device’ and Windows 10 will use it as the default device for all calling applications (Skype, Discord, Microsoft Teams) as well.
  10. Finally, Click Apply.
    How to Turn on or disable a microphone on Windows 10
  11. Open Settings.
  12. Click System.
  13. Click Sound.
  14. Under the “Input” section, click the option Manage sound devices.
  15. Select a microphone under the “Input” tab.
  16. Click the button for Disable. (Or, to enable your unit, uncheck the Deactivate option.)
  17. To silence several microphones, repeat steps No. 5 and No. 6.

The microphone you disabled will no longer be available to the system or applications after following these steps.

Final Words

So, on Windows 10 computers, this is a way to change the default microphone. Now, you can customize your choice of system for communication. To tune your microphone, do it and get the help of this guide.

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