How to Get Premium Coins in Bitcoin Miner Codes 2021

Bitcoin Miner Codes – Today i’m going to be showing you how to buy the rgb card through the premium shop with premium coins. Use this code lclcYT04 and i just got 165 premium coins and i’m going to spend them on the rgb card which mines 230 bitcoins per second.

Now i’m going to skip this golden card, i’m going to skip this golden mining device here it is the rgb card 165 premium coins. So that you get some coins too okay we’re gonna open up the inventory and have a look at the card there it is rgb card let’s go place it in my mind we’re gonna head on over i’m gonna speed this up.

Bitcoin Miner Codes

Bitcoin miner codes roblox

The Roblox Bitcoin Miner code basically works as a reference code. You will redeem promotion codes shared by your mates or other players to get premium coins. You can also build your own player code, and other players can redeem your code, and you’ll be rewarded with premium coins.

Please note that only one invitation code can be redeemed on each account, and you must achieve Level 8 or higher to use this code system.

Active codes

You can add this code to your Bitcoin Miner game to get additional premium coins. Here are the codes that you can exchange to get premium coins.

  • lclcYT04 – You can get 165 premium coins

Method to Redeem Codes

Here I explain how to redeem the codes that I shared above to get premium coins that you can use to buy rgb cards.

  1. First open the bitcoin miner game on the Roblox App.
  2. Then select invite friends and a new window will appear.
  3. After the invite friends window opens then write the code LcLcYT04.
  4. Finally, select redeem and you will get 165 premium coins and don’t forget to select payout.

Final Words

That’s all the article about roblox bitcoin miner codes 2021. Bitcoin miner game is a very interesting game and is a mining simulator game bitcoins. Share your code in the comments column so that other friends can use your code.

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