AltStore IPA File Download on iPhone [2021 Latest]

altstore ipa – AltStore is one of the few still-functioning applications for installing IPA files on iOS 13 and iOS 14. AltStore 1.3 solves the issue of Cydia Impactor not working with free licenses to sideload applications on your iPhone and iPad. Apart from that, AltStore will use AltDaemon to allow and disable applications as well as sign IPA without requiring a device.

Altstore ipa

What is the AltStore app?

Third-party apps can be installed in a variety of ways on the iPhone and iPad. Jailbreaking is the first and most common tool, but it does not function on all versions.

Another choice is to use a $ 99 premium developer certificate to sign the app. This is where the latest tool comes into effect.

In layman’s words, AltStore is a sideload and App Store replacement for the iOS operating system. Riley Testut, a seasoned emulator maker, is the brain behind this.

It makes use of a feature called “sideloading” that Apple makes available to developers. This allows developers to test their apps on test platforms before releasing them on the App Store. A free Apple account is usually needed to sign up for these applications.

However, there is one major drawback to this method: apps built with a free account are limited to three and will uninstall after seven days.

This latest AppStore alternative attempts to address this issue by refreshing applications in the background before they expire.

How to Install AltStore on iPhone

  1. Use a cable to connect your iPhone / iPad to your PC or Mac
  2. Open your desktop browser and use the link above to download the AltServer companion app from the AltStore website.
  3. In Windows, open your Icon Tray (bottom of screen) and click the AltServer icon. Hover over Install AltStore and select your device.
  4. On Mac, launch the toolbar and click AltStore> Install AltStore, select your device.
  5. Once AltStore is installed on your iPhone or iPad, leave AltServer open, your device connected, and download the app you want.
  6. Whenever you want an application or a game, connect your device to the computer – do the same when there is an application update.

How to Use AltStore on iPhone

  1. Launch AltStore on your device
  2. If you see an Untrusted Developer Error, go to iOS Settings> General> Profile, find and trust the developer
  3. Tap the Settings app> Account> Sign in and log in to AltStore using your Apple ID and an app-specific password or password if you created one (must be the same one used to install AltStore from AltServer)
  4. Tap Browser and find an app or game; tap a title to see app details or tap FREE to install it
  5. Once installed, you can use it on your device in the same way you use any other application

How to install IPA files using AltStore?

AltStore resigns an app with your free creation certificate and sends it to the AltServer app, which uses iTunes WiFi sync to install the resigned app back to your computer. AltStore will refresh in background apps by using the same WiFi network to avoid expired apps.

  1. Open the AltStore Beta application on your device.
  2. Navigate to the “My Applications” section.
  3. Click the + button to sign and install the IPA file.
  4. Choose an IPA package with the application.

Please leave a message below if you have any concerns about the app. We make every effort to assist you and answer all of your questions.

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